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 The suggestions for NI Comment if any adjustments

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PostSubject: The suggestions for NI Comment if any adjustments   Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:53 am

Naruto: Infinity

5 main countries that you can join from the making of your account(sand, leaf, cloud, mist, rock) and 3 sub villages that you can join for organizations Sound-Sound five
Waterfall- Taka
Rein- Takatsuki

Also each village has their own special organization: Leaf-Police force
Mist-Seven swordsmen
Rock-Crystal force

And some ranks can only be given by a GM
Like Sennin.

Also I recommend not adding rinnegan because the purpose of this jutsu is to link body’s together and be able to use any jutsu witch defeats the purpose of learning jutsu in the game
For tailed beast. can’t be a Naruto game without them and so the best way to add them is to put them hidden deep within the wild, but only one appears at a time. Each will have a base hp of 20k and 1k more for each tail (so shakaku has 21k hp and kyuubi has 30k hp)also they will have a base of 150 for each stat +20 for each tail the beast has. ALL TAILED BEAST HAVE UNLIMITED CHALKRA!!
And to prevent people from hogging after killing the user gets the beast stats added to his own and unlimited chalkra along with a tailed beast aura .the time for holding a beast is 20 min then the effect dies off .also the user cannot recharge health so there’s a chance of defeating. If the user is defeated during his rampage the person who defeats him gets his remaining time once the time is up the next beast spawns at a random point. Tailed beast should be allowed to move through maps like normal players.
Another think is popularity if the person is a noob don’t kill them system is like this.This doesn’t apply to dojo killing. This means if you can’t kill them they can’t kill you so people can’t just go on a rampage and kill everyone also meaning academy students cannot kill other players and genin can only kill each other so that the game get popularity. Also once you reach the rank of Chunin you can be killed by anyone only Chunin, and up can go after tailed beast.

Players automatically are genin at lvl5 and can take chunin exam at level 15 and be placed a jounin by kage at level 30.
Also some requirements for jutsus: mangekyou sharingan, 64 palms, demon mirrors, 3rd gate, temple of nirvana, sand coffin, double puppets, bug prison, C4 bomb, dance of the seeding ferns, sacrifice to jashin, etc. can be bought as a skill once you’ve reached jounin and above
Clans to be in game should be:
Sand manipulator
Puppet Master
Paper manipulator

Some jutsu should be taken out and some added also some nerfed or increased
Nerf list:
C4 birds
Water prision
Advanced substitution
Sand shield
C4 bomb
Jashin circle

Also adding new buyable weapons and increasing ninja tools to their glory also making a hot slot for item such as smoke bombs soldier pills etc. new hair/base
New stats bar and change level up get to 5 skill points and 1 jutsu points of course the stats will be less effective. New hidden entries and a body flicker activated when there is a target or a click on the desired tile. Also the adding of a summoning and reverse summoning jutsu for players (this will be done my collecting a players blood after it has touched the ground and using it for summoning jutsu it will only work once for each collected and the jutsu requires the person to accept your summoning.

Teams should be a new feature a team of up to five people and will not be undone if logged off if experience is gained by one of the players it will be shared with all members equally.
Faction should be removed
Killing should result in a gain of experience equal to the mobs level. Also a random amount of cash and reputation for village/reputation only through killing players
Npc should be added around the map on village shinobi, rough shnobi and organization slaves, to stop from easy raiding also random monster like boars, deer, alligators, snakes, tigers, wolf packs, and shinobi animals .
Village allies should be added so there is some piece when two villages are allies they get penalties if the kill an ally villager (half xp and money).village enemy’s are automatically attacked by village shinobi give village reputation which is used for calming maps. Neutral villages aren’t attacked by village shinobi unless they attack a villager. Claiming allows villages to spread their turf and allows village shinobi spawn on the claimed map. If village leader claims other village turfs it becomes a warzone and spawns both village shinobi which attack each other after a certain amount of time the winning village wins the turf.

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The suggestions for NI Comment if any adjustments
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